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Thursday October 25th 2007
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Maximizing Website opportunities gets easier

Local firm launches new "Automagic" software

Cornwall, Ontario - At an info session at the Best Western in Cornwall this morning, some 50 participants took in an interactive demonstration of a new self-administered software that showcased just how easy it is to: 1- maintain a Website with fresh content, 2- gather insightful visitor statistics, and 3- easily add specific key words and phrases to your site that allow search engine giants like Google to bring up your page when people are looking for your type of product or services.

The new software, launched by Canadanet.ca a local IT / Web Design / Graphics Design firm located at 333 Pitt Street, is all about "eliminating high-cost dependency models", said Phillip Fontaine, President of Canadanet.ca.

The software, which traces its roots back to October of 2003 when version 1.0 was used to launch CornwallInternet.ca (popular local site owned by Canadanet.ca) has been redeveloped over a 20 month period and is now called "Automagic" since all processes take place "Automagically" as far as the user is concerned.

"It's as easy to use as Microsoft Word or any other software program," added Fontaine.

"We still have clients that ask us to make some changes to their site, but for the most part, not having to depend on someone else to make changes, which usually ends up being expensive, is certainly a motivating factor. And having the flexibility to be able to self-administer their own content from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day and change key words on the fly... they all add up to pretty attractive time and money saving features that most of our clients wanted and now enjoy", he added.

"Certainly, as it relates to the internet, I've always believed that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication... sure you'll find other self-admin software out there but nobody has made it as extensive and put it all together in a suite like Phil has done", added Chenier, local entrepreneur who's partnered with Fontaine to form Canadanet.ca

"Most techies can communicate with nobody but themselves," added Chenier with plenty of humour. "Not the case here of course, and if you really want to know what the secret of building great organizations is all about, I can assure you that people are what make the difference! Especially when it relates to technology; the client has plenty of apprehensions... We truly have assembled an exciting team of professionals and the result is a refreshing personal level of service that our clients really appreciate", he adds.

Chenier added that they wanted to give the product a personality. “Talk about communications simplified... the Inuit people simply built stone Cairns in the form of a man to point and guide the way. I guess they understood that ‘to point and guide requires balance; everything else happens Automagically”, as he explains the reason behind choosing an Inukshuk as part of the main theme and logo for Automagic and Canadanet.ca


October 25th, 2007 News release

"Automagic" software is as easy to use as 1-2-3:

  1. Maintain a Website with fresh content
  2. Gather insightful visitor statistics
  3. Easily add specific key words and phrases to your site that allow search engine giants like Google to bring up your page when people are looking for your type of product or services

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